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Monastery of Metamorfosis Sotiros

The Monastery of Metamorfosi Sotiros (transfiguration of Savior) is located at 4km distance from Kamena Vourla, on the mountain Knimis. The Monastery composes a building of Byzantine architecture, dated from the 12th century AD. It has been reconstructed in the 16th century AD, after its ruining and redesigned as a three aisled Basilica. The wall paintings hosted in the Monastery are from the period of 1730-1760 and present great religious and artistic interest.

The Monastery operates all year long and is open for passing visitors and pilgrims. The religious services during the Holy Week, the Resurrection of Christ and all religious events are characterized by intense religious devotion due to the architecture and the settlement of the Monastery. An amazing opportunity for someone to visit the Monastery is during the celebrations for Metamorfosi (transfiguration) of the Savior on the 6th of August.

Finally, the breath taking view from the “balcony” of the Monastery towards the gulf of Maliakos is absolutely unique.

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